Do we DJ?  Hmmm... 

 No problem for us musicians to play a CD thru our PA system...

Most times a  bride & groom or anniversary couple really only want and need us to play a few of their special recorded love songs thru our PA during breaks, or for a very special moment during the reception!


We also offer the high-tech-soloist which costs about the same as a medium priced DJ, but you get a real professional musician.  The live solo performance is a complete entertainment package and you get CD music during breaks.  A live singer-musician and arranger who has performed all over the USA with corporate  references, and performs on keyboard, trumpet & flugelhorn. These are sequenced instruments that sound as smooth as a CD and the sound volume can be very low too.

Our specialty: Our Live Music Products  

During breaks we can easily play many of your favorite songs, and also MC your event, however, you will have REAL professional live music with REAL instruments, and REAL entertainers!

Kan we Karaoke? 

Maybe. U-2 may prove to Simon bar sinister that you no longer have to be 'idle" and deserve a recording contract.  We have the technology to remove the voice from any CD. The groom or bride can sing to one another-or somebody's weird 4th cousin can sing a little Elvis to your wife? How 'bout a little bit of that fun!  :)

Fun? (We wouldn't want to miss any of that either).

But please you must let us know well in advance. You must know the words to your song, or print out your words on a sheet of paper in advance... OK? Contact us for this limited special request.. It's fun!

Well, then, by far, my real value is live music!

Yes, in order to be a live performing musician and accomplish all of this requires very experienced  musicians & singers who arrange, read and improvise music, with Masters Degrees in music or the equivalent.  These are musicians who have also performed all over the country, backed up the stars who come into Louisville including the real Frank Sinatra and other numerous stars... you name em'.  We also are proud of outstanding references, play multiple instruments, expert business computer technology skills, expensive libraries of arrangements, practice daily, and rehearse.  All this takes many thousands of hours of preparation.  And for one performance alone, there are multiple heavy equipment heavy set ups and break downs for rehearsal and live performances.

There is also a technical side.  Think about it. Is live music a value?

You bet. It is far more involved than even described above.

Our Music Products

Now that you have at least some idea of what it takes to perform professional live music, do you want to sit in?


Musicians have not only managed to learn  how to push the many thousands of button combinations on their instruments, with split second timing...but they  have somehow learned how to push the play button on a CD player.

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