FAQ -Top 10 frequently asked questions
10. What are your your prices?
Please contact us with the details of your total needs first.
for example; Where, when, how long,  size of the venue, lighting and PA size needs, number of musicians, special needs, special music, etc. 

9. How do I contact you ?

Click Contact

8. Do you DJ ?

We don't really DJ...we specialize in live music. If it's a DJ you want, we can refer you.  We do offer the high-tech-soloist where you get quite a deal, a professional singer-musician. A real, live, singer-musician that has performed all over the USA, the Bahamas, New York, and has corporate references, plays keyboard, trumpet & flugelhorn, with sequenced instruments and sounds like a smooth CD or band. You may ask about a smaller group of 3-10 musicians...and you can still get CD music between breaks. Contact us please.

Apparently, many buyers do not realize that they can get really great live musicians who have backed up the stars and CD line dance for the $250 - $1400 (and up) that they're thinking of spending. You can get it all... real pro musicians.

Contact us please.


7. Kan we Karaoke?  
Hmmm... maybe... this is a special request only... Bring your favorite CD and we have the technology to remove Barry Manilow from his CD and you can prove to Simon that U2 can have a record contract.  The groom or bride may enjoy singing to one another or, so can a weird distant relative. Don't have a weird relative? Yeah, right.... Well we've got one for you... No charge. And boy can he sang.

6. Can we Can-Can?

Yes, bring your own jars and lids.
(see Julia's Secret Garden for the best vegetables).   

5. How does the solo artist accompany himself?
By creating his own arrangements with a piano keyboard using the newest midi and digital software and hardware technologies.
4. Where and how can I hear the music?
On this website!  We normally just play private events, however, we sometimes can arrange for you to hear these groups live.

Just click around, there are quite a few MP3 files, which are actual recordings of our bands, however some of the music you will hear are just midi files and so they may not sound that hot, whether you have a "SoundBlaster" soundcard or not.

 Why? Because the sounds are actually coming from your pc sound card via a midi file. The music will auto download in anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending upon whether you have a hi-speed or a dial-up connection. 


3. What artist-song types are performed?

Read this website or contact us if you want to do something special.


2. Do you have CD's or tapes for sale?
Yes,  please contact us.

1. Do you ever play for free?

Yes, now and then for very special organizations.  So have these listed musicians at various times.

We normally provide price reductions for Non Profit Organizations.

Put please consider... it is very difficult for a bandleader to ask other musicians to work for free. Why? Because that would involve our self-promotion at other musicians' life long hard work, travels, expenses, setup and much more.  More importantly, these are all high calibre' professionals... highly trained and literate (they read and write music notation). They are accomplished jazz musicians s well... (they improvise very difficult chord progressions and capable of working in any band you could name). We realize that they have put in anywhere from 15 to 50 years of hard work on their instruments, some are music professors and some with Masters degrees to boot. The rest did it all on their own. All the while dealing with the thousands of intricacies involved with professional music. So, respecting this wonderful world of musicians, we believe deeply that these outstanding people, who have to work at day jobs too, deserve being paid. So, we pay them. Though there are rewards when we do a music job... just one performance is very difficult, time consuming, technical, mental & physical work (transportation, setup, teardown, setup for rehearsal & practice)... believe it... or not. Please also consider the charity M.E.R.F. The Musicians Emergency Relief Fund.

0. Are we gonna answer any more phun FAQ's?

Phew! Was that phun? :)

If you have any special request, please contact us. Experience allows us to provide services for practically any reasonable request. This includes special arrangements, songs, DJ, karaoke, large PA's, microphones, wireless mics, technical consulting, special dress and lighting.  We normally do not carry lighting but arrangements  can be made including spotlights. Please keep in mind that there may be added costs for both parties. 

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